Pre-prosthetic Surgery

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The preparation of your mouth before the placement of a prosthesis (full denture or partial denture) is referred to as pre-prosthetic surgery.

Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures in order to properly fit a denture and ensure comfort. A denture sits on the alveolar ridge (bone ridge), so it is very important that the bone is the proper shape and size. When teeth are extracted, the underlying bone is often sharp and uneven.

In order to properly fit a denture, the bone may require smoothing and reshaping. Frequently, exostoses or tori (excess bone similar to bone spurs) need to be removed prior to denture insertion.

One or more of the following procedures may need to be performed in order to prepare your mouth for a denture:

  • Bone smoothing and reshaping (alveoplasty)
  • Removal of bone projections (exostosis, torus)
  • Alveolar ridge reduction
  • Removal of excess gum tissue

Pre-prosthetic surgery procedures are accomplished in complete comfort at our office using any one of the following anesthetic options: local anesthesia, intravenous general anesthesia (asleep), intravenous conscious sedation, nitrous oxide gas anesthesia with local anesthesia, oral sedation with local anesthesia. Dr. Turesky will discuss surgical and anesthetic options with you during your consultation appointment.

It is reassuring to know that, today, there are better options for replacing missing teeth than conventional dentures, partial dentures, and bridges.

Dental implants have rendered old-fashioned conventional dentures, partial dentures, and in most cases, bridges, obsolete.

Extensive pre-prosthetic bone reduction is usually not required to prepare the ridge for implant surgery since dental implants require the preservation of as much bone as possible for stabilization.

Only two dental implants are required to convert a loose lower denture into a secure overdenture. This simple surgical procedure will significantly improve chewing efficiency, speech, esthetics, self-image, and self-confidence. Implant dentistry is a simple way to significantly improve your quality of life. Please call our office if you would like more information on a dental implant or pre-prosthetic surgery. Also, please view our dental implant video and section on dental implants.